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User Guide

Preview leads

You can preview the leads at the leads page. You can access the leads by clicking the button, which can be found virtually at any page across web site.

Sign up

To start receiving leads you need to sign up for a free user account. To do that, go to our sign up page, read and agree with the terms of service, answer a few questions about yourself and your company. Provide us with a valid e-mail address (required for leads delivery).

ACCOUNT Activation

We deliver leads by e-mail. That is why we need a valid e-mail address. Upon completion of the sign up procedure, you should receive an activation email. Delivering of the activation e-mail to a valid e-mail address normally takes a few minutes. If you wait 10 minutes and still can't locate the activation e-mail in your incoming e-mails, please look at your e-mail spam folder - sometimes you need to mark our e-mail as non-spam. In the activation e-mail, click the blue activation link - and you're all set. Please sign in.

We have a strict No Spam policy in place and we never sell or transfer your e-mail to any third party.

Account SIgn in

You can sign in both at the index page or at the leads page.
Once logged in, you can see more fields when previewing leads, set up your streamline filters and purchase leads by cherry-picking them from the list.

reviewing leads Information

At the leads page you can see both fresh and aged leads. Leads are coming from our consumer insurance web sites like
Leads types are: Home (Home insurance), Auto (Auto insurance), Property (Boat, RV, Motorcycle.), Life (Life, Mortgage Life, Annuity), Health (Health Insurance, Dental, Vision), Business (Requests from business owners), Business Auto (requests for insuring business auto), Group Health etc.
We are constantly updating our sites so that we may add more specific insurance information and new types of leads.
For each request, you can see the lead ID, type, the time when it was filled out, State, zip code and price.

You can set our site to show you only certain leads types - click "Filtering" on the top of the leads list table and check the lead types you would like to see.

Review each lead info by clicking "view" next to the lead. We made all of the lead application fields, except the contact information visible to you. Thus, if the prospect has a policy in place, you can see his current carrier. This feature may help you a lot.

We never change or alter any of the information provided by prospects. You see all fields in application "as is".

We show the true number of times each lead was sold in our system. While we allow non-exclusive leads to be sold up to 5 times, in real life leads are sold 0-2 times average.

To view some of the fields you need to be signed in.

Purchasing Leads: Cherry Pick, Local & statewide filters

You can purchase leads in four ways:

- Cherry Pick: Preview the lead and then decide if you want to buy it or not;

- Cherry Pick with a Reminder: Set a reminder to receive e-mail notification when the lead that matches your criteria arrives. In case you like it, then Cherry-Pick;

- Set a Local Filter tou buy leads: When the lead that matches your filter arrives, it will be e-mailed to you automatically. Most likely, you will be the one who contact the lead first. To set a local filter, you need to specify your zip code and a target radius in miles around your zip code specified. You can set a zip without radius also. For more information - read below.

- Set a Statewide Filter to buy leads: Works same as a local fiter, but you get higher leads volumer at lower price. Average Statewide discount is 40%. Read more below.

Cherry pick & cherry pick with reminder

Cherry pick leads are internet leads which you can search and pick directly from our leads listing page.

Leads reminder: Once you create a reminder (a filter that remind you instead of sending you the lead with full info), our system will notify you by email when we have leads which meet your criteria, with no obligation to buy. To view or purchase Cherry Pick Leads, simply click here.

The reminder can be set for any lead type and location: you can set multiple statewide or local reminders absolutely free. To set a reminder: sign in, click streamline at the leads listing page top menu, click , set your filter criteria and choose "Remind me and send lead ID and info" at the "When a lead matchs all the terms above:" drop down menu. You can also choose "Remind me and send lead ID" if you want to receive a shorter notifications.

Setting a reminder does not affect prices. Only setting a Statewide purchasing filter automatically switchs a leads discounting ON (read below).

step by step Cherry Pick

To purchase leads, you need to be logged in. Review leads at the leads page.

At the top right of the leads page you can see a cart icon. Your account balance is also shown at the top of the leads page when you're logged in. This is how much funds you have available. After sign up and activation you should see a $5 gift money there.

Feel free to use the gift money to get familiar with our leads purchasing process, purchase any aged lead you may like to test and see if we're able to deliver leads to your e-mail smoothly.

To purchase a lead, add it to your Cart (locate the lead you would like to purchase, click "open" to see the lead info and add it to the cart, exclusively or non-exclusively).

Once you add the lead to the cart you will see:

- how many leads you already have in your cart next to icon;

- another cart symbol will be visible next to the lead you choose;

After you finished adding lead(s) to your cart, click "Proceed to checkout" link next to the icon and click "Continue" button.

Your leads will be immediately sent to your e-mail. They will also be available immediately at "My Leads" page.

The leads that were already purchased will be marked by symbol.

purchasing leads from e-mail reminder

In case you set a reminder, receive the reminder e-mail and would like to purchase the lead, you can purchase the lead directly by clicking "Buy Lead" button in the body of the e-mail we sent to you. So you don't have to go to the leads page.

Step By Step Streamline Purchasing filter

To set your purchasing filters you need to be signed in. Set your filters by clicking "Streamline" on the top menu on the leads listing page or just click here to open a filters setup screen in a new window.

To set a reminder: sign in, click streamline at the leads listing page top menu, click , set your filter criteria and choose "Purchase lead" at the "When a lead matchs all the terms above:" drop down menu. You can also choose "Purchase lead exclusively" if you want nobody else to receive certain lead type. If you choose "exclusive", price will double.

If you choose to specify ZIP code, with or without radius, you create a "Local Filter". If you specify State(s) and leave the Zip code field blank, you create a "Statewide filter".

Setting a Local filter does not affect prices. Only setting a Statewide purchasing filter delivers leads at discounted price comparing to Cherry-pick and Local filters.

local and statewide filters - why there is the price difference?

Local Filter: You need to set a Local Filter if the policy you sell requires face to face meeting with your prospective customer.

Statewide Filter: You don't require a face-to-face meeting with the client, and you can sell your product over the phone, fax, e-mail.
We encourage users to set state-wide filters when possible. When choosing the Statewide Filter you get a significant leads price reduction (read below).

You can set as many Local and State Wide filters as you wish. All filters are free to set.

Agent 007 Filters.

Agent's 007 home is in Brooklyn NY, 16 miles from his office in Manhatten, NY.

For the Product A that requires personal visits, 007 decided to set a 10 miles radius Local Filter with his Brooklyn residence ZIP as a center and another 10 miles Local Filter with his Manhatten office ZIP as a center. All his "Product A" prospects will be in proximity of 007's daily route.

However, Manhatten NY where 007 works, is a peculiar shape island and setting a 10 miles radius includes Jersey city NJ and bunch of other New Jersey towns into 007's filter. 007 holds only NY license and would like to receive NY leads only, he's not licensed in the State of NJ across the Hudson river. To exclude NJ, 007 simply checks the NY checkbox at the filters States section. NJ leads will be ignored now.


Local Filter: Highly targeted.


Flexible - ZIP, ZIP + adjustable radius, adjacent States discrimination.


For products that require face to face visits.


Low leads volume. No Statewide discount.


Requires minimum deposit to activate.

The radius you set is not an exact distance between you and prospect but a distance between your and prospect's zip codes geometric centers. Therefore, the exact distance between you and your prospect may be less or little bit more than the radius you set.
If your zip filter covers an adjacent State and you would like to exclude it, simply check a checkbox next to YOUR State(s) and leave the unwanted State checkbox BLANK.


For a Product B that requires no personal visit, 007 wisely set a Statewide NY filter and enjoys significant leads price discount while keeping his leads flow high.


Statewide Filter: Maximum Leads Volume.


Flexible - one or multiple States.


For products that require no face to face visits.


High leads volume. Significant price discount.


Requires minimum deposit to activate. Reasonable account balance is advised to keep leads flowing.

Generally speaking, for the same product, a Statewide Filter is much more "lucrative" than the Local Filter. We encourage users to always set Statewide filters when possible. However, with some insurance products, only using a Cherry Pick / Local Filter makes sense.

Fresh Leads Prices

When you buy leads at, you can easily manage how much you want to pay per lead. Here is our current pricing:

Type of Insurance Quote Cherry pick, Local filter State wide Filter
Auto $15 $10
Home, Renters $15 $10
RV, Moto, Boat $15 $10
Life, Mortgage life, Annuity $20 $12
Health, Dental, Vision $15 $8
Business Insurance (all types) $25 $15
Group Health $25 $15

Aged leads. All Types Cherry pick only
Prices are discounted daily until they reach 50 cents per lead. $0.50

When you buy leads exclusively the price doubles. If the lead was purchased exlusively it will not be sold to anybody else and will not be available in leads list. You can purchase leads exclusively both by cherry pick and by filter.

Leads that were purchased non-exclusively can't be cherry-picked exclusively: the corresponding box will be inactive.

Our aged leads are a perfect match for your mailing campaign demonstrating much higher ROI (return on investment) than other, non internet leads like scrubbed from various demographic database sources.

How much should i deposit?

Opening an account is free. We do not require a significant deposit. The minimum deposit is set at $25 - the lowest deposit in the industry that we know about.

However, we advise to keep your account balance sufficient to buy 1-2 leads if you have a Local filter set, and at least for 10 leads in case your filter is Satewide. In other words, it should be enought to keep $50-$100 balance to have your local leads flowing and $300-$500 to keep your statewide leads streaming. Plus, you always can use your balance to grab our aged leads for a fraction of their original price.

If you deposit $200 or more, you get immediate bonus:
Amount,$* Bonus,$*
50-199 -
200+ 10
300+ 30
400+ 45
500+ 60
600+ 90
700+ 100
800+ 130
900+ 165
1000+ 200

In case you set multiple filters for different insurance products prospects, or Multi-States filter, consider higher deposit to get both Statewide discount and on-payment bonus and save 60% or more!

We started our insurance leads generation in March 2008, and in addition to our standard discounts, every new customer who makes his first deposit before May 1, 2008, gets another promotional 20% discount for the rest of 2008.

what happens if i deposit and get no leads?

All our filters are free. Your account will get hit only when the lead that matches your criteria arrives. We do not charge any monthly or yearly fees for having account with us. If no sales, your money will be sitting on your account intact.

In case you get no local leads for 3 months, and you do not wish to change your lead criteria or buy discounted aged leads, we return your account balance upon your e-mail request.

In case you set a Statewide filter, and get insufficient leads for 90 days - we will refund your account balance upon your e-mail request also.

aged leads Prices and how to use them

Our leads prices are subjected to automatic gradual daily discount until their prices reach 50 cents. Our aged leads are a perfect match for your existing mailing marketing campaign since they exhibit higher ROI (return on investment) than any non internet leads like leads scrubbed from various demographic database sources.

Working With your Prospects

For each lead we show a true number of times it was sold. However, we can not guarantee that the prospect is not visiting sites of other insurance companies and aggregators to receive multiple quotes.

A typical prospect will continue to shop insurance web sites and company offices until he gets satisfied. If you purchase the fresh lead that just came in, the sooner you talk with the prospect - the better.

Returning Bogus leads

If you receive a lead with the wrong contact information or it is just plain bogus, you can request a refund using the contact us link that can be found at the leads page top or at any other page on our site. Please allow us 24 hours to process your lead refund request.

Adding funds to your account

Click "Fund your account in seconds!" at the page right bottom under a credit card items.

Choose the amount you want to deposit. Minimum amount is set $25. The more amount is - the higher the bonus we add upon your transaction completion. Click "Add Funds" button and enter your credit card information.

Payment is done through our partner secure processing system - we don't handle your credit card information to assure your security and we are not able to charge you card without your authorization.

Payment takes just a few seconds to process. You can use your funds to purchase leads immediately after the payment is completed.

We encourage you to pay online since it's easy, fast and secure. However, if you wish, we can charge your card over the phone.

W-9 and Invoices for any time period can be requested using a contact form on our site. Please allow us 48 hours to prepare.

Our first deposit refund guarantee

If you are our first-time leads buyer, open an account, choosing no more than 3 leads in our Trade System to begin with. In the unlikely case you are dissatisfied with the first 3 leads you buy from us - simply e-mail us. We will return your first deposit with NO Questions and NO Fees!

Please allow us up to 5 business days to process your credit card refund.

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